Welcome to Depot Byron

A collection of 26 meticulously designed contemporary warehouse spaces in the heart of Byron Bay. Immerse yourself in a coastal lifestyle community with over 500 registered businesses, a globally connected marketplace, and state-of-the-art facilities at Depot Byron.

Discover the Byron Arts and Industrial Precinct, a dynamic hub where creativity and commerce collide in the heart of Byron Bay

Immerse yourself in an environment of skilled businesses dedicated to their craft. Beyond its cultural allure, this precinct boasts a thriving commercial and industrial market. Live, work, and grow in this unique community, where every day is a canvas for new opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this thriving, vibrant enclave. Depot Byron gives you the latest opportunity to be in the heart of Byron Bay’s entrepreneurial soul, all while experiencing a lifestyle like no other.

Nestled on the pristine shores of eastern Australia

Byron Bay offers an unparalleled opportunity for entrepreneurs, businesses, and craftspeople to flourish. This coastal haven, kissed by the golden sun and serenaded by the Pacific Ocean, sets the stage for your dreams to take flight on a global scale. Here, you’ll find a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem with over 500 registered businesses, a globally connected marketplace, and impressive local network that speak to Byron Bay’s status as a business powerhouse. Join the movement of creativity, innovation, and global potential in Byron Bay.

Your new space

Elevate your business operations within the carefully designed interiors of Depot Byron’s warehouses, where functionality seamlessly merges with comfort. Durable concrete flooring and walls cater to the rigorous demands of your business while providing a chic easy-to maintain
surface. Wide electric roller shutters or glazed bifold doors ensure effortless loading bay access and adaptability for diverse business needs.