Visionaries build what dreamers imagine.

A development of impressive scale, the masterplan has been thoughtfully envisioned for a robust social fabric, harmonious living and the long-term future.

A smarter tomorrow

With the future in mind, Melrose Park takes an astute approach to sustainable urban design with Smart City technology. It will be Sydney’s leading development that incorporates Smart City initiatives from day one.

They include advanced technologies to monitor environmental conditions, clever rainwater collection to sustain the precinct’s parklands, new generation street lighting, smart wayfinding poles and electric car charging stations.

Plenty of room to grow

Inspired by the best parks around the world, abundant open spaces combine sweeping lawns and terraced gardens. Bask in the expanses of green at the sprawling Central Park, while The Common delivers lush landscapes along the boulevard. Floral and community gardens also add a sense of neighbourhood throughout Melrose Park.