Energy and artistry

Vivid. Welcome to a residential address where its name says it all. A place where you can fashion the home that reflects your individuality in an area that’s at once vibrant and warmly welcoming.

From every aspect South Village – your new neighbourhood – has been crafted to engender a sense of community. It’s designed to draw you in and irresistibly encourage you to take a stroll from open spaces to secluded gardens, along broad pedestrian boulevards, past café tables spilling onto leaf dappled laneways.

Brilliant and bold

Vivid is an integral component of South Village yet it also stands alone as a unique architectural statement. In its premier position on the north-eastern flank of the village on one of the highest vantage points in the Sutherland Shire, Vivid capitalises on panoramic views in all directions.

Clean and clear

Light and space. Natural light tumbles through thermally and acoustically treated glass, deflecting summer glare and the hubbub of urban life. Every apartment is articulated to maximise the surrounding vistas, inviting sunshine and cross breezes.